Welcome to 2018. All of our resolutions are set and we are fired up and ready to go. How about you? This is the year we look forward to creating new and better habits. We have expanded to Waco and the surrounding areas. We are excited to help our friends and neighbors throughout this expansion. 

Waco Here We Come

A Shred 2 Pieces – A 10-Year History in the Making

April 2008, a group of three Dallas/Fort Worth-based entrepreneurs set out to start a mobile shredding company like none other. Their goal was to provide a customer service experience that would leave a lasting impression on its clients for years. Almost a decade has passed, and the company still makes that its goal each and every day. The company has stood the test of time in a highly competitive North Texas market. If fact, they’ve grown to be the largest, privately owned company serving the DFW metroplex. Every AS2P client will tell you firsthand when asked – each and every customer – regardless of size or needs, they get treated like royalty.

The company has no plans of slowing down. In fact, they believe their service is too good not to share it with more Texans! Now, with an expanded staff and a greater coverage area that will soon encompass Waco, Texas, and cities within its 50-mile radius, AS2P has its sights set on a broader audience. In fact, within the next 5 years, it hopes to see growth and expansion into other central Texas markets including Austin and possibly east of Dallas towards Tyler.

Living in today’s modern technology-filled world, information is more readily available than ever before. Unfortunately, with a growing number of online thieves, it is also more vulnerable than ever. Businesses and individual consumers alike have to protect themselves with a routine document shredding regimen. In addition to this, businesses rely on A Shred 2 Pieces to keep them compliant with state and national laws along with the growing demands of HIPPA compliance among medical providers.

While a completely digital age where paper is no longer used as an information platform may seem viable, truthfully it is far from a reality. Today’s preferred method of record retention is still paper documentation. As long as this is the case, there will be a need to destroy obsolete or outdated documentation once it’s legal retention period has passed or it is deemed no longer needed. The average retention rate is between 5-7 years.

Shredding documents in-house is a costly, inefficient method. Furthermore, it is risky because strips produced by common office shredders are large enough to be reconstructed if they land in the wrong hand’s thanks to sophisticated software systems such as Unshredder.

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A Shred 2 Pieces, LLC is an AAA NAID Certified Service Provider. Services include regularly scheduled or one-time appointments, as needed. Office hours are Mon-Fri: 8 am – 5 pm. Dallas: (214) 347-4986, Fort Worth: (817) 756-1560.

Welcoming a New Year Out With the Old

Every year at the office and at home I start January off by cleaning out all the nooks and crannies. Going through all of our files and updating as needed. Cleaning out everything from the attic to the basement. January is the month of face masks and the scent of various cleaners in the air. It is also my favorite part of the year.

At the office, we go through all the old files and get rid of what we no longer need. We update accounts and set up our reoccurring scheduling for the new year. Desks get cleaned out and new goals for the year get set. Then comes the dreaded tax files. You know the ones on the top shelf that have been there forever. When you pull them down, dust flies everywhere. This is where the face masks are most helpful, but once you’re done it’s like a whole new office.

At home, its a different cleaning. Thankfully we live in Texas which means mornings are spent opening all the windows and doors to let the cool crisp air find its way to every corner. No harsh frozen winter for us! Then, the day is spent reminiscing about all the memories we find while cleaning out that old hope chest in the attic. And yes, we go through the home files as well. The evenings are spent curling up with a warm beverage and conversations about our goals for the new year.

For me, January is all about “Out With the Old and in With the New!”

In With The New

By January we have our goals set and a plan of action for how we plan on keeping those goals. This year I’m keeping it simple. At the office, my plan is to focus solely on customer service. I want my customers to get the most and best of my attention. With the new expansion into the Waco area, it is a chance to really polish and shine my skills.

At home, my big one is to stop letting the junk mail pile up into a mountain on my counter before doing something about it. I know it doesn’t seem like much but when the pile begins to take over the counter I have to wonder “When is it enough!”. Why is it so hard for me to just get rid of all of it? I’m never going to use the quick cash loan or the coupon for $10 off your first service at blah blah auto whatever. So this year all junk goes straight into the Shred-N-Seal bag. (pictured above) I will put that counter to better use.

Written by Matthew