We serve every market sector, whether it is commercial, institutional, or residential. No matter your type of business we have a solution for you!container for shredding documents


  • Locked storage containers are provided to you at no charge
  • Choose from different sizes and styles to ensure the most efficient and economical solution for your business.
  • Your staff can easily deposit documents through slots in the containers.
  • We service your account on a monthly, bi-weekly, weekly or daily basis. The schedule is based on your specific needs.
  • Contact us about our simple pricing structure.

How We Keep Your ID Safe!

Here is how we keep your identification safe in document shredding services:

  • File Boxes and Purges
  • Clients use A Shred 2 Pieces on a periodic basis for office/storage clean-outs or purges.
  • We can destroy documents directly from your file boxes.
  • A Shred 2 Pieces can shred any quantity of material.
  • Shredding takes place at your office, or your storage facility and everything is completely shredded before it leaves the premises.
  • Contact us about our simple pricing structure.
  • Specialty Shredding
  • Our powerful industrial shredders are capable of destroying much more than paper. Arrangements can be made to destroy just about anything you have, including DVDs, CD, floppy discs, tapes, hard drives, X-rays, photographs, credit cards, pill bottles, and much more. Contact us for a specialty shred quote.

30 Day Risk-Free Trial

Choose this option to demo our document shredding service. Choose the bin that best suits your needs and watch how fast it fills up. If you decide a professional document shredding service isn’t practical, we’ll remove the bin. Or, keep the bin and we will help determine a schedule that suits your needs.

Non-Profit/Green Discounts

A Shred 2 Pieces is now extending special discounts for qualifying non-government organizations and Certified Green Businesses.

Community Shredding

To help combat identity theft, corporate espionage and create awareness of secure document destruction, A Shred 2 Pieces conducts regularly scheduled document shredding events for local communities in Texas, including Dallas and Fort Worth,  so residents can bring their confidential documents for secure on-site destruction.