Waco Document Shredding Services

You don’t want to be THAT company. You know, the one whose name gets smeared all over TV and local headlines because of stolen customer information. You can probably recall a couple big names from the past few years who have found themselves in just such a situation.

You’re worried about doing your own document destruction because you’re not sure if you’re following all the regulations correctly. You’re tired and overwhelmed with the scope and complexity of the project. And you’re not even sure how to improve. Securely destroying data is no simple process, which makes it easy to make costly, and even catastrophic, mistakes.

That leads to all kinds of stressful business consequences. You’ll lose existing customers – and ones who thought about switching to you. You could get fined by the Federal government. You’ll have to send out thousands of letters. You’ll get a nearly infinite stream of phone calls from angry customers. And you might lose your job. If you’re lucky, you’ll only lose trust and respect for some time.

But, you don’t need to endure any of those consequences at all. Instead, you can turn this sensitive situation into a huge win for your company, and your career. All you need to do is use the right on-site document shredding company. The right service monitors each step of your document shredding so you have 100% certainty the information stays in the right hands only and then gets destroyed permanently. It stays safely out of the stealthy grasp of criminals. Your company’s reputation, and your own career, not only are preserved but actually get a boost because everyone knows they don’t have to worry about your sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.

Our services are so secure that you’re even protected from your own employees stealing your information. And we’re so fast that we can shred 300 pounds of paper in just 45 seconds!

Why Choose Us For All Your Document Shredding Needs?

Documents that were shredded in WacoIn three words: peace of mind. That’s what you get with A Shred 2 Pieces because of our experience in secure document destruction and skill in managing it.

The document shredding industry comes with many choices. Why choose a smaller company based only in Dallas Fort-Worth and Waco?

First, some of the most respected organizations in the DFW Metroplex call upon A Shred 2 Pieces when they need their documents safely and securely destroyed. For example, remember when the Cowboys moved from historic Texas Stadium to AT&T Stadium in 2009? They called us to shred the final confidential material leftover from Texas Stadium. And you don’t recall hearing even a peep about any sensitive information being lost or stolen because it was all safely and securely destroyed – forever.

But the Cowboys aren’t the only well-known organization to trust A Shred 2 Pieces with their document shredding. Others include:

  • FEMA
  • Texas Christian University
  • QuikTrip
  • Albertson’s Stores
  • The Susan G. Komen Foundation
  • The First Tee of Fort Worth
  • Joe T. Garcia’s

…and the list gets longer every day!

You also get treated like a valued customer and not just another number on a piece of paper that helps a company boost their stock price. You get an estimated 2-hour window when we’ll arrive, and a courtesy call 10-15 minutes before we show up. You don’t have to worry where we are, or if we’ll show up at the right time. Our advanced scheduling technology eliminates mistakes and makes these tight time windows happen to perfection.

And you also save a ton of time versus doing it yourself or hiring a much bigger company. Doing it on your own always takes more time because you have to design the processes and make the mistakes necessary to refine your process until perfect. Bigger companies have a much more difficult time managing all their customers and processes, which means they’re more likely to make time-costing mistakes. And they also tend to care less because they know more customers will come to them.

Learn Our Process

First, before your documents even get shredded in Waco, you have to understand the strict standards we get held to. Texas has strict laws for secure document destruction.

We have AAA certification from the NAID. The National Association of Information Destruction conducts both scheduled and unannounced audits of our document shredding and information disposal processes. The AAA certification means we meet all the strict requirements of Texas’ law. Feel free to Google NAID to learn more about the organization yourself. Give them a call to verify our certification too!

In addition, we also have an A+ rating with the BBB, even after a decade in business since our founding in 2008. That means we’re consistently meeting strict legal demands and our customers’ high expectations for document destruction. If we didn’t, our BBB rating would be much lower than an A+. Feel free to Google “A Shred 2 Pieces” BBB and examine our profile yourself.

We shred documents for anyone and everyone, ranging from large corporations who may have tons of paper to destroy private homeowners who have just a small file drawer to eliminate. Minor differences between the services exist, but generally, it works like this:

First, you get one single master key that fits the container delivered to your premises. No one else has access to this key. And your container has a secure slot so even your own employees can’t remove paper once inserted.

Our technicians never actually touch the material you have shredded. They only look for foreign objects that could damage our truck’s shredder. Once they empty the contents from the container into the shredding bin, that gets taken to the shredding truck, where razor-sharp shredding knives tear your documents into millions of tiny (and unusable) pieces. You can have your administrator accompany our employee the entire way if you like to exercise strict, no-nonsense caution. There’s a camera inside the shredding truck that lets the technician see the material get shredded, so they know everything goes as planned. If you’re like many customers, you’ll even enjoy watching as your documents meet their final demise. And all this shredding happens on-site in your parking lot.

No need to worry about removing paper clips, staples, binder clips, and other binding materials. Our shredders slash right through them.

Throughout the whole process, you get frequent communication so you know exactly what’s happening.

Oh, and when you get your final invoice upon completion of your shredding services, you’ll be delighted to see you pay exactly as quoted. You don’t have to worry about strange fees (fuel surcharges, environmental fees) that you don’t understand, and which you shouldn’t pay anyway.

What Kind of Materials Do We Destroy?

Mostly, it’s paper. But this also includes data tapes, DVDs, CDs, floppy discs, computer hard drives, microfilm, microfiche, and even x-rays. And we do it for large corporations and homeowners alike.

And regardless of what we destroy, it gets recycled. You can pass that fact onto your customers and employees, so they can feel good about you doing your part to take care of the environment.

Try Our Mobile Shredding Services Risk-Free for 30 Days in Waco!

We offer two kinds of shredding services:

  • One-Time Purge
  • Monthly Recurring

You can do whichever one you want. With our monthly shredding service, you get it risk-free for the first 30 days.

You get the container. You try the service for 30 days. If you like it and want to keep the service, sign a contract and pay for the first month. If you don’t like it, we’ll pick your container up and won’t charge you a cent.

So what are you waiting for?

100% secure and fast on-site document shredding can be yours starting today.

All jobs are charged by the pound with prices starting at just $79.99.

Call 214.347.498 today for your first month of free service…and your free quote!