Document Shredding Services in Plano

What’s the worst thing that could happen when you hire a new mobile shredding service?

Well, a number of things actually. They could show up hours after they said they would. They might not even show up the same day. They could come with the wrong equipment and not be able to dispose of all the information you want. And then you might get an invoice with surprise charges like “travel fees”, “environmental fees”, and “fuel surcharges”.

Annoying! But that’s not even the worst that could happen. As a decision maker at your organization, you bear the responsibility for your choice. If it’s a bad one, you could lose a ton of respect and credibility. And in an extreme case, it could cost you your job.

At A Shred 2 Pieces, we know because many customers come to us having experienced these problems with other document shredding services.

Mobile Shredding Company

paper document shreddedIf, as you research various industrial shredding services, you have even the slightest inclination that you’re going to have to supervise and harass the vendor you’re considering just to get your shredding done, you’re right. You can always trust your gut instinct.

But at A Shred 2 Pieces, you don’t have to monitor our shredding technicians at all. We only hire the best, those who truly care about their jobs and giving you the top shredding service you can get in Plano. Hey, we want to keep that perfect A+ BBB rating after all! Didn’t Warren Buffet say,”It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it?” As a small company, we’re nothing without our reputation.

Advanced scheduling technology means you get quoted an accurate two-hour ETA at least a day prior to our arrival. Your shredding technician gives you a courtesy heads-up call 10-15 minutes before they show up. Those are just the little things that make every relationship a little smoother and more enjoyable.

We Are Certified

We have NAID certification. The NAID (National Association for Information Disposal) does rigorous scheduled and unannounced audits of our technicians, bins, and shredding processes. And all their inspections comply with Texas’ stringent information disposal law. So you know you’re getting secure shredding service.

How Does On-Site Document Shredding Services Work?

Let us prove to you that there’s absolutely no gap in the security of the shredding service you get.

Here’s how it works when you decide to use it:

  1. You get a container with your choice of capacity (50 pounds, 90, 225, or 300)
  2. You designate an administrator for your container.
  3. You give your administrator a key.
  4. No one else can access the interior of your container without that key. Not even our employees.
  5. The container has a slot that allows you to deposit the information you want to shred.
  6. You fill your shredding container.
  7. Our technician wheels it to the shredding truck.
  8. You unlock your container.
  9. The contents get emptied into the truck (you can watch the whole process).
  10. Our technicians watch at the same time to make sure nothing gets in that could damage the shredder.
  11. Your information gets shredded. Up to 300 pounds can get shredded in just 45 seconds!

Can you spot any security gap in that? If you look at the process, you don’t have to supervise our employees at any time.

And the best thing is that everything you shred gets recycled. So you don’t have to worry about doing any harm to the environment. In addition, we also do lightbulb recycling too, so feel free to get rid of any of those you don’t need.

Try Us Today

Still not confident in our service quality? The Cowboys were when they moved out of Texas Stadium in 2008 and called us to help them dispose of their information. And best of all, you don’t have to sign a long-term contract right away. Instead, you can try our mobile shredding services risk-free for 30 days. Not happy with your service quality at the end of that time? Just let us know, and please tell us why so we can fix it. Then, we’ll pick up your shredding container and you won’t pay a time.

If you are happy and think we are the best option in your area, sign a contract and get ready for smooth, hassle-free mobile shredding service for years to come! Just call 214-347-4986 today or contact us online today to get your FREE quote and FREE 30-day trial.

You have absolutely no obligation to buy. Think of it as a friendly conversation where you can discuss your shredding problems and needs.