Mesquite Document Shredding Service

How much shredding do you need to have done? A lot? A little? Just a one-time purge? Hundreds of pounds on an ongoing basis?

That’s just your first problem. But, you have an even bigger problem than that.

You need to find a contracted document shredding service who does it right. But, finding a contractor of any kind is always a stressful experience!

Every contractor talks a good game. But you want the document shredding service that walks their talk.

As you research various options, you’ll basically find two categories of choices:

  1. Large national companies
  2. Small, local businesses

At A Shred 2 Pieces, many customers come to us disappointed with the service from the big companies. Yes, they have a recognizable name.

But, they’re so big the right-hand doesn’t know what the left is doing. Shredding truck drivers show up hours after they’re scheduled to arrive. Some don’t even show up on the right day (or at all).

Others come with the wrong equipment. And since these companies are big and need to make lots of money to keep growing, they’re happy to play games on your invoice. You might get surprise charges like “travel fees,” “environmental fees,” and “fuel surcharges.”

Since they know you won’t be able to switch to a different vendor quickly, they’ll drain as much money from you as they can. Other companies have so many customers they know that upsetting a few won’t kill their business.

What’s the Advantage?

We can’t speak for other small companies, but we can speak for ourselves. We know all the annoying things that happen with bigger companies because so many other customers have told us.

That’s why, at A Shred 2 Pieces, you don’t experience a single one of those hassles. None.

Instead, you get honest, straightforward service, like you’d expect from a top-rate contractor with an A+ BBB rating (just Google “A Shred 2 Pieces Texas BBB” to check for yourself).

How do we keep that perfect A+ BBB rating? First, if you’re a business, you get a free quote, and you can try our service free for 30 days. We get a precise understanding of your shredding and information destruction needs, and you actually get to preview our services.

Not happy at the end of those 30 days? Simply let us know, and tell us why so any problems can be fixed. We’ll pick up your shredding container and you won’t owe a thing.

If you’re a private citizen, you get a free quote. Why don’t you get a free 30-day trial? Because our shredding trucks destroy 300 pounds of paper in just 45 seconds! There’s absolutely no way you’d have enough information to dispose of in more than just a single visit.

A Shred 2 Pieces drivers always arrive within their specified two-hour time window, which you’ll get at least a day ahead of time. Advanced scheduling technology makes it happen. Plus, you’ll get a courtesy call 10-15 minutes prior to your appointment time.

Just like the old days when people showed common courtesy to one another, isn’t it?

We Can Destroy Up to 300 Pounds of Paper in Just 45 Seconds!

When we show up, in most cases it won’t be for long. You can get different sizes of containers to fill, with the largest holding 300 pounds of paper. Our shredding trucks can annihilate that in just 45 seconds. So even if you have ongoing shredding and information destruction needs, it’s not a lot of work to remove it all. And, you can dispose of any type of sensitive information you want – paper, USB drives, tape drives, hard drives, credit cards, pill bottles…you name it.

And you can trust that it’s all destroyed safely and securely because we’re NAID certified. Now, the NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) is a tough organization. They do both scheduled and unannounced audits of our shredding bins, technicians, and processes. They make sure we comply with Texas’ already-stringent information disposal laws. So, it’s not one of those silly certifications where you just fork over some money to have a sheet of paper that says you can do something.

In addition, when we’re on-site, there’s no security loopholes that could lead to the theft of your information. You get a container. You designate an administrator for that container. They get a key. No one else can access the inside. Not even our own employees. However, there is a slot you can use to fill your container with paper.

When we arrive, our technicians wheel your container to the shredding truck. You unlock it with your key. Your unwanted information gets dumped into the truck. You get to watch the whole process.

See any holes in that security?

Get Your FREE Quote Today!

If you’re a business, you can get a FREE 30-day trial too. Try our on-site document shredding services free for 30 days to our service areas. If you don’t like them, don’t pay a thing. And if you’re a non-profit or a certified green business, you get an automatic 15% discount as a reward for the good you do.

Private citizens, you can get a free quote.  Just call 214.347.4986 or contact us online today.

Oh, and by the way, we also do light bulb recycling too. So if you have old CFLs or incandescents you no longer want or need, let us take care of them.