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Whether you’re a home or business, finding a new service vendor of any kind is a stressful process. If you’re a decision maker in your business, you have so much more at stake.

You have at least a few other people who must like your decision. The service has to go well because if it doesn’t, you’re going to look bad. That would cost you a lot of respect and credibility at your job. And if things went really bad, you could even lose your job.

So, if you’re looking for a document shredding company, you need one who understands and respects that. You need one that treats you right. You need one that shows up on time, every time, and with all the right equipment. You need one that only charges exactly what they say they will, without playing any games on your invoice. And, you need one that makes you look good to everyone else in your workplace.

Companies Trust Us with Their Document Shredding Needs

When the Cowboys moved from famed Texas Stadium, they had a lot of information they needed securely destroyed. They’re a big name, so you think they might call a mobile shredding service with a big name of its own.

But, the Cowboys didn’t do that. We don’t know exactly why, but many customers have told us over the years that big companies have a hard time arriving when promised, and sometimes don’t even show up on the right day. They also throw all kinds of surprise fees on your invoice, like “trip fees”, “fuel surcharges”, and “environmental fees”.

Maybe the Cowboys had heard about these business practices. We’re not sure, but they did end up contacting us for help destroying all their sensitive information so it didn’t fall into anyone else’s hands. In the NFL, that could have cost them a number of wins.

Why Did the Dallas Cowboys call A Shred 2 Pieces?

Well, they might have heard that we can shred up to 300 pounds of paper in just 45 seconds. Our shredding trucks are that fast and help you save precious hours you can spend on doing higher priority business tasks (see more service areas). Plus, you don’t have to deal with your shredder breaking down and needing repair, or replacing your shredder because of so much use.

They might also have seen our NAID certification. Now, as you might already have experienced, certifying organizations can often be in place really to make money, and only to give the appearance of safety and security.

But that’s not the case with the NAID (National Association for Information Destruction). They actually perform both scheduled and unannounced on-site audits that enforce Texas’ already stringent information destruction law. So, we always have to stay on top of our shredding practices to make sure they give you the most secure shredding service possible.

Finally, the Cowboys also probably liked our invoicing practices. They work like this: you pay what you’re quoted. That’s it! Why should it be any more difficult than that? Your free initial quote also includes tax, so you won’t see any surprises when you get your invoice.

Protect the Environment Too

Whether you shred thousands of pounds of paper, USB drives, hard drives, credit cards, or whatever media your company needs to get rid of, it all gets recycled. So not only do you securely get rid of information that consumes lots of space at your business, but you don’t do any harm to the environment in the process. We also do light bulb recycling too, if you’re upgrading from CFLs or incandescents to new bulbs.

Try A Shred 2 Pieces Risk-FREE for 30 Days!

Still skeptical about the quality of our shredding services? Well, you don’t have to worry about anything…not even risking your own money. With your risk-free trial, you get a container delivered on-site. You fill it up. We shred it. You can do as much as you want for 30 days.

If you don’t like our service during that time, simply let us pick up your container and you don’t pay a dime. But if you do like our service, sign a contract and get hassle-free on-site document shredding service you can trust for years to come.

Just call 214.347.4986 or contact us online today to get your FREE quote and FREE 30-day trial.