Hurst Mobile Shredding Services

shredded paperRemember a couple decades ago when they said computers would result in a paperless society? That seems like a joke, doesn’t it?

However, a “paperless society” could be real sometime in the coming decades. You might be in the middle of transitioning to a paperless state right now. For now, you have a lot of shredding you need to have done. You might be converting everything to a digital format. Nearly every legitimate business has a “go paperless” option or a way of saving what you need to PDF format.

But, that still leaves you with a temporary problem. You have to get rid of your paper and other media safely, securely, and efficiently. You don’t want someone stealing the information because you have it laying around or disposed of it improperly. And you don’t want to waste hours, days, and money doing it yourself.

If you’re a business, it’s just not what you hired your employees to do. And if you’re a private citizen, you don’t want to spend your weekends shredding paper. You could spend that time on other fun things, like gathering with your family or working on a relaxing hobby.

That’s where mobile shredding services come in and save the day.

On-Site Mobile Shredding Service

The nice thing about America is you have plenty of choices. The bad thing about America is…you have plenty of choices.

Choice can be good because that means you can avoid using a lousy service provider that causes more trouble and stress than anything else. Choice can be bad because it takes time, and might be hard to identify a good mobile shredding service.

So, what characteristics make up a good one?

First, you want a strong, credible reputation supported by third parties. At A Shred 2 Pieces, we have a perfect A+ BBB rating. Feel free to Google “A Shred 2 Pieces Texas” to check it for yourself. You can also give the BBB a call.

We’re also the company the Cowboys called in 2008 when they moved from Texas Stadium to what is now AT&T Stadium. And since then, many reputable organizations like FEMA, Susan G. Komen, Albertson’s Stores, Joe T. Garcia’s, and other federal agencies call us on when they need their information safely and reliably shredded and disposed of.

You have to be careful with the big national chains. Remember, they can afford to upset some customers, while smaller companies cannot. So, they’re willing to play games and give you nonsense charges on your invoices like “trip fees,” “fuel surcharges,” and “environmental fees.”

You also want a company that you can trust to securely eliminate your information. At A Shred 2 Pieces, we’re NAID certified. It’s easy to think a certification isn’t a big deal. We don’t blame you because many certifying organizations exist just to make money for creating the appearance of credibility. But in this case, NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) offers a legit, and tough certification process. They actually do schedule unannounced audits of our bins, technicians, and shredding processes. Their audit also complies with Texas’ tough shredding laws, which are among the most stringent in the entire nation.

Finally, you want a company that does what it says, when it says and doesn’t play any games with your invoice. That’s exactly what we do at A Shred 2 Pieces.

And here’s how we make it happen. Advanced scheduling technology means you get an accurate 2-hour time window where you can count on us to arrive…a full day ahead of time. No waiting around. No wondering where we are. No making frantic phone calls trying to track us down.

On the day of your service, you get a call from your shredding truck’s driver about 10-15 minutes ahead of time. You know, it’s just one of those simple things you get, just like the old days.

And when you receive your invoice, you only pay the price you were quoted up-front. That price includes tax, so you won’t even see your amount increase. And you definitely won’t see ridiculous charges for things like “trip fees,” “fuel surcharges,” or “environmental fees” like you might get on invoices from big companies.

Try Our  Services FREE for 30 Days!

If you’re a business based in the Hurst area, you can try our mobile document shredding services free for 30 days. You get your container. You fill it up. We shred it as many times as you need in 30 days. If, at the end of free 30-day period, you’re not happy with how things went, you don’t pay a thing. We pick up your container and leave.

If you do like how things went, which almost everyone does in our service areas, sign a contract and continue to get reliable, stress-free, secure, and accurate invoicing and shredding service from us for years to come.

If you’re a private citizen, you can get a free quote. You’ll likely use our one-time purge service, where you get rid of all your paper and other sensitive media at once.

Just call 214.347.4986 or contact us online today to get your FREE quote, and if you’re a business, your FREE 30-day trial too!

We also do light bulb recycling and industrial shredding. You can shred just about anything you want…paper, USB drives, tape drives, hard drives, CDs, DVDs, credit cards, and more. And everything you shred gets recycled, so you can relax, knowing you’re doing your part to sustain the environment.