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The Only Mobile Shredding Service in Grapevine the Cowboys Trust

Remember when the Cowboys moved from Texas Stadium in 2008 to what is now AT&T Stadium?

They had a lot of information they needed to securely dispose of. You can imagine what they had:

  • Scouting reports on new prospects
  • Confidential analyses of hated division rivals
  • Salary cap information
  • Grading and reviews of their own players

They didn’t want that information falling into the wrong hands! Remember in 2007 when they went 13-3? If their competitors were able to get that information, that would have undoubtedly reduced the Cowboys’ competitive edge and possibly cost them some games, and maybe even their playoff appearance.

They had a few options for shredding services:

  1. Do it themselves
  2. Call a big national company
  3. Look for a small, local business they could trust

Doing it themselves would have cost too much time and money. Should they really pay an employee to sit in front of a shredder all day long? How fast would their shredder work anyway? And it could burn out and need replacing too.

Calling the big national company at first seemed like a good option. But then there’s plenty of stories about the big chains not showing up on time, not showing up at all, coming with the wrong equipment, and playing irritating games on invoices.

The final option was to go with a local on-site document shredding service that they felt like they could trust wholeheartedly.

Why The Cowboys Chose A Shred 2 Pieces to Do All Their Shredding and Media Destruction and Disposal

First, they learned how our service works. If you don’t already know, we use advanced scheduling technology to give you an accurate 2-hour time window where we’ll arrive. You’ll know this a day ahead of time. Then, you get a courtesy call from our drivers 10-15 minutes the day they’re scheduled to arrive.

The shredding process is 100% secure. You get a container. You get a key. You give that key to an administrator at your organization that you trust. That key is the only way you, or our employees, can get inside your container.

You fill up the container. Our employees wheel it to our truck. You open the container so the contents can get dumped inside. You can stand and watch our technicians, if you want, as they empty the contents into the shredding truck.

Now, here comes the cool part, and the major difference between using our on-site document shredding services and doing it yourself. Our shredding trucks destroy 300 pounds of paper in 45 seconds! You read that right – 45 seconds (not minutes).

While the truck shreds your information, our employees watch via a live feed from the video camera. They have to do it to make sure everything works as planned, and so they can stop the process in case of an emergency.

Then, when you get your invoice, you pay the initial fee you were quoted. That’s it. No surprises. No vague terms trying to hide the fees you really pay. That fee includes tax, so you won’t get a separate charge for tax.

As you can see, there’s very little chance of someone stealing your private information. As long as the employee you designate as an administrator is trustworthy, you’re safe.

This Might be Why A Shred 2 Pieces Now Has a Perfect A+ BBB Rating Today

Isn’t the BBB the first source you should check when researching a small, local business whose name you don’t know? Reliable service, and a commitment to speed and integrity have given us an immaculate local reputation. Feel free to Google “A Shred 2 Pieces Texas BBB” to check, or give them a call.

You can also trust the safety and security processes we use because we’re certified by the NAID. That stands for the “National Association for Information Destruction.” This industry’s become so important to businesses that it’s necessary to have a standards-making body providing some oversight.

The NAID doesn’t give you just any old certification, like so many certifying organizations that exist just to charge you a fee so you get a sheet of paper saying you can do something. No, they don’t go easy on you at all.

Instead, the NAID conducts both scheduled and unannounced audits of all our bins, employees, and processes. They make sure they all comply with Texas’ tough information disposal laws, which are among the toughest in the nation.

And to this day, we maintain NAID certification.

Grapevine Businesses: Try Our Mobile Shredding Services FREE for 30 Days!

If all that’s not enough, we also put ourselves at a disadvantage and give you a free 30-day trial of our document shredding services in all the areas we service. You’ll get the container. You can fill it up and shred as much as you want for 30 days.

If you don’t like our service at the end of the 30-day period, just tell us. We’ll pick your container up and you won’t owe a thing.

But more than likely, you’ll be extremely happy with your shredding service. In that case, sign a contract and get ready for stress-free, easy, and on-time shredding service that makes you look good to everyone in your organization.

Just call 214.347.4986 or contact us online to get your FREE quote and 30-day FREE trial.

We also do industrial shredding and light bulb recycling. And if you’re a non-profit or certified green business, you get an automatic 15% discount just because you do such nice things for the community and environment.