Document Shredding in Grand Prairie

Have paper and other private media you need securely destroyed so it doesn’t fall into the hands of identity thieves?

You could try to dispose of it yourself. But, will you do it in a secure way that guarantees identity thieves won’t get a hold of that information?

If you have a lot of paper, you could also spend a lot of time doing the shredding. You can shred maybe 3-5 sheets of paper about every 10 seconds. Then your shredder heats up too much and you have to take a break. Or, you get impatient, put too much paper in, and cause a jam you have to fix. And if you have a lot of shredding to do, you could burn out your shredder and have to buy a new one.

If any of those problems cause you trouble, hiring a mobile shredding service makes sense.

A Shred 2 Pieces Safely, Securely, and Reliably Destroys and Disposes of All Your Information

But after your shredding problem, you have another problem: finding an on-site document shredding service you can trust. These services suffer from problems that plague any other contracted service:

  • Mobile shredders don’t show up on time
  • They may not show up at all
  • They don’t come with the right equipment
  • You get surprise fees on your invoice

At A Shred 2 Pieces, you don’t experience any of those problems. We understand what you want in a mobile shredding service. It’s why we have an A+ BBB rating and have worked with reputable organizations including FEMA, Albertson’s Stores, Joe T. Garcia’s, and even the Cowboys when they moved from Texas Stadium!

With A Shred 2 Pieces, you get simple, straightforward, no-hassle, and secure document shredding services. Here’s how it works:

  1. You call us.
  2. You describe your needs and get a free quote. (Minimum charge: $79.99)
  3. Our advanced scheduling technology gives you an accurate 2-hour time window (a day ahead of time) where you can count on us to arrive.
  4. You get a courtesy call 10-15 minutes ahead of time on the day of your scheduled service.
  5. Our technicians arrive right within the specified time window (so you don’t have to wait around all day long) and everything you need shredded goes into a bin.
  6. You can shred almost anything you want – paper, hard drives, credit cards, CDs, DVDs, pill bottles, microfiche, USB drives, and much more. You’ll safely and securely get rid of your most sensitive information in accordance with Texas law.
  7. You can accompany our technicians to the shredding truck to double-check your information stays private and gets destroyed.
  8. Our shredders annihilate 300 pounds of paper in 45 seconds. So whatever you need to destroy, it’ll likely be gone in seconds.
  9. You get your invoice, paying a per-pound rate. The invoice matches the exact amount you were initially quoted. No surprise fees!
  10. We go on our way. You get to feel happy and relaxed, knowing your most sensitive data is eliminated and won’t fall into the hands of identity thieves.

It really is that easy for you, just like hiring any contracted service should be.

NAID Certification Means Your Information Gets Securely Destroyed and Disposed

In the mobile document shredding industry, the most stringent certification comes from the NAID (National Association for Information Destruction). This isn’t one of those pointless certifications where you have to pay some money and take a test to stay certified.

Instead, the NAID performs scheduled and unannounced audits of our shredding services. They check everything – the bins, employees, and processes to make sure it all complies with Texas’ strict law (which is among the most stringent in the nation). It’s good they do it because it helps us stay on track with giving you the most secure and convenient shredding service possible.

Grand Prairie Residents: Get Your FREE Mobile Shredding Quote Today!

Everything you shred gets recycled too, so you can feel comfortable knowing you’re doing your part to care for the environment.

With no hassles, an A+ BBB rating, on-time service, and NAID-certified secure document destruction processes, you can trust A Shred 2 Pieces.

Just call 214.347.4986 or contact us online to get your FREE quote and 30-day FREE trial.

We also do light bulb recycling. So feel free to give us all your old and unwanted light bulbs too.