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Get Your Documents Shredded Without Any Hassle

Do either of these problems describe your situation:

  1. You do your own shredding. Have you ever calculated the total time and financial costs? Your business shredders can take care of 15 sheets or so, which comes to about 135 pieces of paper in 45 seconds.But then your shredder overheats and needs a break. The employee watching it gets distracted talking to some other workers. Over a period of months, your shredder gets so much use you need to buy another one. There goes another $200 – $400.

    And how much do you pay your employee? $15 per hour, plus benefits? That comes to around $20 per hour or so. Did you hire any of your employees so they could sit in front of a shredder for hours on end?

    1. Or, here’s the other scenario. You hired a mobile shredding service to come and do your shredding for you. But, they don’t always show up on time. Occasionally, they don’t show up at all. And when you get your invoice, you get strange charges for “trip fees,” “environmental fees,” “fuel surcharges,” and another obscure language you don’t understand, even though you’re a smart person and have decision-making power at your company.


You know the way you do shredding isn’t good, but you haven’t had the time to research other vendors. And who knows? They could be even more trouble.

At a Shred 2 Pieces, customers come to us with problems like this all the time. So don’t worry – we get it. You can put an end to your document shredding and information disposal problems once and for all.

Why Trust to Shred Your Documents?

First of all, our trucks shred 300 pounds of paper in just 45 seconds! A piece of paper weighs 4.5 grams, and 100 pieces of paper weigh about a pound. Say you can shred about 100 pieces (1 pound) of paper in 30 seconds (that might even be a little fast). That means our shredders work more than 300 times faster than yours!

Now you have the math available to calculate the time and financial savings that give your business.

This is just one of many reasons the Cowboys (yes, the Cowboys!) hired us when they moved out of old Texas Stadium. And it’s why other organizations like Susan G. Komen, Albertson’s Stores, Joe T. Garcia’s, FEMA, and other US government agencies contact us when they have serious shredding needs.

And while you want a company who saves you time and money, you also want one that treats you right. At A Shred 2 Pieces, you always get great, on-time service for every area that we service. Our advanced scheduling technology means you get a tight 2-hour window where you can expect our drivers to arrive. You’ll even get a courtesy call 10-15 minutes before we show up. When it’s time to pay, you pay the single price you were initially quoted. No sneaky or hidden fees. No “got-yas.” No surprises.

You’ll feel like a valuable customer, not just another number. This is why A Shred 2 Pieces continues to have an A+ BBB rating after more than 8 years in business.

Secure Shredding Processes that Protect Your Confidential Information

Finally, you don’t have to worry about your information falling into the wrong hands. Your name won’t hit the news headlines like so many large corporations.

You can trust your information with us because we have NAID (National Association for Information Destruction) certification. This certification means we comply with Texas’ strict shredding laws, which are among the toughest in the nation.

The NAID doesn’t give you a piece of paper every year in exchange for some continuing education courses and a fee. It’s not a certification just for the sake of having one. Instead, NAID actually performs both scheduled and unannounced audits. They check your shredding bins, employees, and processes for compliance with Texas law. And we continue to maintain their certification to this day.

For example, check out how our security process works:

    1. You get a container delivered to your premises
    2. You designate an administrator, who gets the only key to your container. No one else can access the inside. Not our employees, and not yours. Both can only deposit paper to your container.
    3. Once full, your container gets wheeled to the shredding truck.
    4. Our technicians watch to make sure only appropriate items that don’t damage our shredding knives get placed in the shredding truck.
    5. They also watch a live video feed of the shredding to make sure everything goes according to plan inside the truck.
    6. You can accompany our employees the whole time to guarantee your security.


Frisco Businesses: Try Us Risk-Free for 30 Days!

How many vendors let you try their service free for 30 days to build your confidence they’ll do what they say?

We understand how it’s tough to make a change in your business. You have to make a decision that makes you look good. Otherwise, you’ll lose respect from your coworkers and boss. You might not be the one that gets considered for a promotion. And if things go really bad, you could lose your job.

A Shred 2 Pieces makes you look great every time. And we’re here to make sure you save serious time and money, all while securely getting rid of your most private information.

So, contact us today and take us for a test-drive. There’s absolutely no risk to you. If things don’t work out well, you don’t pay anything.

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