Euless, TX

An Honest Shredding Service

Have you ever been burned by a contractor, and possibly even a contracted shredding service?

It’s unfortunate, but it happens. They didn’t show up on time. Maybe they didn’t even come at all. They didn’t have the right equipment. And maybe they give you all sorts of unclear fees on your invoices.

You know that when things get confusing or complicated, something’s up. Why can’t you just get the simple, honest and straightforward service you’d like? That seems to be the exception, not the rule.

Mobile Shredding Service with Complete Integrity

We’ll be honest: we’re a small company. No, we’re not going to try to inflate our size to impress you.

That’s because being a small company is a huge advantage for you. The big names have their reputation and marketing power. But, they’re often so big they have problems like coordinating their drivers and pleasing executives and investors. That means sometimes they try things like giving you strange fees like “fuel surcharges,” “trip fees,” and “environmental fees.”

With us, you don’t have to deal with any of that. You get a single quote that includes your taxes. And that’s it. Easy like it should be, isn’t it?

We also use advanced scheduling software so all drivers arrive at your premises on or ahead of time every time. You’ll get a two-hour window the day prior to your service, and you’ll get a 10-15 minute courtesy call just before we arrive.

As a decision maker at your company, you’re busy. You don’t have time to babysit your document shredding service in addition to supervising your employees, talking to clients, meeting with your bosses, and doing all the other tasks you do to succeed at your job.

With A Shred 2 Pieces, you can relax and take a load off, knowing that everything’s going to be done right. And if there’s a snag in service, because no company’s perfect and mistakes happen, we’ll fix it. Make sure you communicate with us so something can be done.

Perfectly Rated

We’re not saying all these things to make you feel good and convince you we’re the best option. We follow through and do them too. As a responsible decision maker with accountability to one or more bosses, you always research your short list of potential vendors. Feel free to Google “A Shred 2 Pieces Texas BBB” to check out our A+ BBB rating. You can call the BBB too if you want.

When the Cowboys moved out of Texas Stadium, they called on us to dispose of their confidential information. And other reputable organizations like Susan G. Komen, Albertson’s Stores, TCU, and even FEMA and other federal agencies contact us when they have shredding and information disposal needs.

They’re also happy to contact us because they know we rigidly follow Texas’ strict information disposal laws. Texas’ laws are actually among the tightest in the nation, rivaling even East-Coast states.

To make sure we comply with those laws, we stay certified with the NAID (National Association for Information Destruction). Now, the NAID doesn’t do like many certifying organizations do in other industries. If you’re not familiar, it’s a common practice to require the passing of a written exam to get your initial certification. And then certifying organizations also require you to take some courses to keep their certification annually.

If our drivers’ job is to go on-site and securely shred documents, how does a written test actually measure their ability to do that in a safe, secure way? Shouldn’t there be a more rigorous process in place to check on our shredding practices?

Well, the NAID is a rare exception to most certifying organizations. They actually conduct scheduled and unannounced audits to check all our employees, information disposal bins, and processes. And their audit strictly adheres to Texas’ steep legal requirements.

Risk-Free for 30 Days!

Switching vendors, or contracting a new type of service for the very first time, involves a fair amount of risk for a decision maker like you. If it goes wrong, you’ve wasted a lot of time and money. Your bosses won’t like that. And your employees may lose respect for you. If things go really bad, you could lose your job.

Hey! We get it. That’s why there’s absolutely no pressure on you to buy right away. Instead, you can try us risk-free for the first 30 days. If, at the end of those 30 days you’re not happy with your mobile shredding service for any reason, just tell us. We’ll pick up any containers on your site, and you don’t pay us a thing. If you are happy, sign a contract and enjoy the rewards of making a great decision.

Our shredders destroy up to 300 pounds of paper in 45 seconds, so any size project is fine. And if you have any DVDs, CDs, floppy discs, tape drives, hard drives, photos, or microfiche we can destroy that too. You can even recycle all your light bulbs. And all paper you shred gets recycled and turned into paper products so you can relax, knowing you’re doing your part of caring for the environment.

Sound good? Great! Give our knowledgeable on-site shredding team a call and let us know what you need to be done. We’ll create a feasible plan for making it happen. And if it doesn’t work out, just let us know within the first 30 days and you won’t pay us a thing.

Call 214.347.4986 or contact us online today.