Carrollton Document Shredding Services

How much paper and confidential information do you need to be disposed of? A few file folders? Dozens of recycling bins worth? Do you have other media like a hard disk, tape drive, or floppy disks with private information, like your taxes and social security numbers, that you need to be destroyed so you don’t have to worry about identity theft?

According to CBS, statistics show 16.6 million Americans were victims of identity theft in 2012. That makes it the most common consumer complaint. And about 68% of all victims lose at least some money to identity thieves. Bureau of Justice statistics also shows that in 9 out of 10 cases, no one even knows who committed the crime.

Scared? Don’t be!

Shredded pile of documentsYou can relax because A Shred 2 Pieces has you covered with mobile shredding services. Our shredders can destroy 300 pounds of paper in 45 seconds. So no matter how much you have, it’s a quick job. And, it’s securely destroyed too. If you have private data you need completely wiped out of existence, whether it’s on a DVD, CD, floppy disc, tape drive, or hard drive, you can say goodbye to it.

How do we ensure your information is securely destroyed once and for all? We’re AAA NAID Certified (National Association of Information Destruction). The NAID (feel free to research their website for yourself to learn in more detail) conducts scheduled and unannounced audits of our document shredding and information disposal processes. The certification means we comply with Texas’ strict state shredding law. It’s just one of many reasons we have an A+ BBB rating (just Google “A Shred 2 Pieces Texas BBB” or give them a call to check).

In addition, our employees never actually touch your information themselves. They only need to make sure you don’t put anything in your containers that could damage the shredder. They have absolutely no reason to look at your documents or data itself. Once you fill a bin, that goes straight to the shredding truck that visits your home.

Inside the truck, a technician watches a live feed from a video camera that shows the shredding process in action. They only want to make sure nothing goes wrong. And, you can tag along with them through the entire process if you want. They’re happy to show you how each step works. Once the shredding’s all done, they go on their way.

Personal Service You Deserve

When you look for an on-site document shredding service, you’ll have basically a couple options. You’ll find the large guys and the small ones.

With the big companies, you never know what type of service you’ll get. Remember, they’re large and have many customers, so messing things up once in a while isn’t going to hurt their business too badly. So, they might show up late, on a wrong day, or not at all. They’re not afraid to play games and give you surprises on your invoice with hidden fees, fuel surcharges, or environmental fees. By the way, they’re all fees you don’t need to pay.

With A Shred 2 Pieces, we’re a small company that gives you the personal service you deserve (see other service areas). Just like you can count on your neighbor to borrow a garden tool or to watch your home while you’re gone, we’re there. With our advanced scheduling technology, you’ll get a 2-hour window where we’ll arrive, and you’ll get a courtesy call 10-15 minutes before we show up. So, you don’t have to sit around your home all day wondering when we’ll be there.

And when it comes time to pay, you’ll only pay the price you’re quoted. That price includes tax, so you won’t pay any more than that.
It might be why the Dallas Cowboys hired us to dispose of their information when they moved out of the old Texas Stadium. And it could be why other reputable organizations like Susan G. Komen, TCU, FEMA, and QuikTrip choose us when they need sensitive information disposed of in the right way, without any hassles.

Finally, you can feel good about doing your part for the environment. All shredded paper gets recycled and turned into paper products in the future.

Get Rid of Your Documents Today

So, what’s it going to be? Will you go with the large company and their impersonal service, hidden fees, and unpredictable arrival time? Or will you choose the smaller company with personal service, straightforward billing, and secure information disposal practices, who actually cares about building a long-term relationship with you?

The choice is yours.

To get on-time service, straightforward invoicing, and the peace of mind that your information was in fact securely destroyed so you don’t have to worry about identity theft, 214-347-4986 today for your FREE quote. All document shredding prices are charged by the pound and start at $79.99.