Arlington Document Shredding Services

Worried about shredding your own paper? This simple process actually could cause a number of problems:

  1. You have a lot of paper to shred. Do you really want to sit in front of the shredder for hours when you could be doing other fun things?
  2. Are you shredding your paper in the most secure way? Could it somehow get into the hands of a criminal who would love to steal your identity?
  3. Do you want to deal with your shredder jamming, frequently overheating, or possibly burning out entirely?
  4. Could someone go through your trash and piece together the documents you shred?
  5. How much do you really want to pull staples from your paper for hours on end so you can shred your documents?

That’s where mobile shredding services make sense. They can do all the hard work – work that takes you hours – in just minutes. And it can be done in a totally secure way so that you don’t have to worry a bit about what’s going on with your confidential data. So, you can focus on other things and get on with your life instead.

But that raises another problem. Which mobile shredding service do you trust to do the work? After all, you know all the problems you can experience when hiring a contractor.

They don’t show up on time. Things aren’t done when they said. You get surprises on your invoice. If that’s how a shredding service works, you might as well do it yourself!

But, A Shred 2 Pieces doesn’t work like most mobile shredding services in Arlington.

Why You Can Trust Us

shredded paperFor starters, Google “A Shred 2 Pieces Texas BBB,” and click on the top result to see our A+ BBB rating. We’re a small business, which means we value every relationship with customers like you, no matter how big or small. Bigger companies can afford mistakes – we can’t.

When you call, you’ll get a 2-hour time window where you can expect us to arrive. Your driver gives you a courtesy call 10-15 minutes before their arrival. Our advanced technology allows us to give you consistently accurate ETAs like these.

When the shredding truck arrives at your home, you can expect fast service. That’s because our shredders can take care of up to 300 pounds of paper in 45 seconds. If you have DVDs, CDs, floppy discs, tapes, hard drives, X-rays, photos, credit cards, or pill bottles, you can say goodbye to them too. Compare that to the 15-30 pages per minute you can do, and don’t forget to include the breaks you have to take to prevent your shredder from overheating.

And with our document shredding services, you can rest assured everything gets securely destroyed so your confidentiality stays protected and you don’t have to worry about identity thieves. The National Association of Information Destruction (NAID) has given us AAA certification. It’s not one of those certifications where you pay some money and hang a document in a frame on your wall. Instead, they give our bins, machines, and employees a rigorous schedule and unannounced audits to ensure compliance with strict Texas law.

Our Adherence to Texas Law Doesn’t End There

Once on-site, our shredding technicians never actually touch any material you need destroyed. They simply look for items that could harm or damage the shredder. The material you have gets placed in a service bin, which then heads to the truck where the shredding happens. Inside the truck is a camera which allows the technicians to watch the material get destroyed. And then you can say goodbye to it and have peace of mind forever. All employees are insured so you’re covered in the rare event of an accident.

With the invoicing for your on-site document shredding service, you don’t have any surprises. In fact, it’s about as simple as you can get. Simply pay one fee that covers everything – including taxes. It exactly matches the original fee you were quoted. Don’t worry about fuel surcharges, environmental fees, or trip fees. Competitors may surprise you with those charges on their invoices, but we don’t.

Put an End to Your Paper Problems in Just 24-48 Hours

In nearly every situation, we can come to your home, apartment, condo, or retirement complex in 24-48 hours. And because we’re small and value personal service, you can count on us to be there every time. You also get all this at a low cost. This is why big names like the Dallas Cowboys, Albertson’s Stores, TCU, QuikTrip, FEMA, Joe T. Garcia’s, and other US Government agencies trust us with their paper shredding needs.

Finally, you’re also doing your part to help the environment. All paper you have shredded gets recycled and turned into new paper products.

To get rid of your paper quickly, securely, affordable, and without any hassle, just contact us online, or call 214-347-4986 and a friendly, knowledgeable mobile shredding technician will answer all your questions.  We not only service Arlington but many other cities.  Here is a list of our service areas for Texas.