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Stop Wasting Time and Money Doing Your Own Shredding

Do you run a small business, non-profit, or government institution? Do you have large amounts of shredding you need to do regularly, at least on a quarterly basis?

If you do, you might be throwing away lots of your own time and money doing your own shredding. Every time you watch your papers run through your shredder, think of yourself shredding green $20 bills. Believe it or not, if you do your own shredding, that’s what happens.

  1. Your shredders can only handle 10-15 pages per minute. Okay, maybe a few more than that. Our shredders can destroy 300 pounds of paper in just 45 seconds. That’s a huge time-saving machine right there.
  2. How many employees do you pay $15 per hour or so to do the shredding? Then, you have to add vacation time, sick time, insurance, 401k contributions, and other costs. You end up paying that employee around $20 per hour just to run papers through a shredder. Is that why you hired them?
  3. How many employee hours does it take to do your shredding? Monthly? Quarterly? Annually? Compare that amount of time and money to shredding 300 pounds of paper in 45 seconds.
  4. Your shredders, which cost $200 – $400 each, wear down and burn out. Not only do you have to pay to replace them, you have to pay your employees to spend time finding new ones or fixing the old ones.

shredded documentsDo you see why it makes sense to hire mobile paper shredding services? After all, at your business, you pay specialists well to do their jobs. It works the same way for everything else, including shredding your paper.

But that logically leads to another problem: finding someone you can trust to do the job.

You might have already tried another shredding company. Maybe it was one of the big national document shredding companies. And they do all sorts of irritating things that drive you practically insane:

  • Showing up on a wrong day
  • Not showing up at all
  • Not having the right equipment or skills to follow through on how they said they’d do your job
  • Playing games with your invoices. Giving you unwanted surprises like trip fees, environmental fees, and fuel surcharges. Why should you have to pay all that?

So you know you should hire this work out to a vendor. But, it has to be one you can trust. One that you don’t feel like you have to babysit every step of the way.

A Document Shredding Company You Can Trust With Your Shredding Needs

At A Shred 2 Pieces, we “get” shredding because it’s all we do. We can save your company serious time and money (versus shredding things yourself or hiring someone else) because our shredders destroy an amazing 300 pounds of paper in just 45 seconds. So regardless of whether your job is big, small, monthly, quarterly, or annually, we can get rid of your paper faster and less expensively than you or any competitors can.

Why should you trust us? First, we have an A+ BBB rating. Go ahead and Google “A Shred 2 Pieces Texas BBB” and check it out for yourself.

In addition, you’re working with a small company. We live and die by our local reputation. Bigger industrial shredding companies can afford to mess up a fair amount of customer jobs without causing serious harm to their reputation. We can’t. It’s one of the reasons why the Dallas Cowboys, Albertson’s Stores, Susan G. Komen, QuikTrip, FEMA, and TCU call us when they need mobile shredding jobs done right without any hassle.

We don’t play any games with your billing. You get a single price quoted, and that includes everything, even the taxes. No surprises there – and you’ll always stay within your own budget.

And since we’re small, you always get personal service. Our truck drivers give you a 2-hour service window and a courtesy call 10-15 minutes before arrival. We use advanced dispatch technology so you get an accurate ETA every time. And all employees are insured, just in case, an accident happens.
How Does A Shred 2 Pieces Protect Your Confidentiality?

We ensure nothing goes wrong

For starters, we’re AAA certified by the National Association of Information Destruction. It’s not like other certifications where you pay a fee and get a sheet of paper saying you’re certified. They audit us every year (and they aren’t nice!) to make sure the bins, machines, and employees comply with Texas’ stringent document destruction law.

At a practical level, here’s how confidentiality works:

  1.  You choose an administrator at your company, your most trusted employee. They get a key to your container. No one else does. And without the key, no one can access your container.
  2.  You put your paper in your container. Our employees never actually handle the paper.
  3. Once your paper enters your container, no one can get it back. It’s gone forever.
  4. Only the contents of the container go in the service bin. As this happens, our employees watch for objects that could damage the shredder.
  5. Your service bin gets wheeled to our truck, which is equipped with shredding knives.
  6. Inside the rear of the truck, a camera takes video of the shredding in action. Our employees watch the video to make sure everything’s going as planned.Everything gets shredded on-site in our truck, which is parked in your lot.


Try Us Risk-Free For 30 Days!

Still afraid to go with a new on-site shredding vendor? After all, make a bad decision at work and you could find yourself without a job.

Relax. We have you covered. You can try us risk-free for 30 days, with no obligation to pay (when you have containers delivered on-site). Try our document shredding service for a month. If you like it, pay for the month and sign a contract for our relationship going forward. If not, we’ll pick your container up and we won’t ask you for any money.

No strings attached. No fine print. No “got ya’s.” No surprises at all. Just good-ole’-fashioned service like it should be. What a breath of fresh air!

Sound good? Awesome. We’d love to meet you. Contact us online, or call 214-347-4986 to get your FREE mobile shredding quote, and all your questions answered today.