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Do you need a service to shred your documents? Here are the service areas that we at A Shred 2 Pieces provide on-site document shredding services for:


Do you run a small business, non-profit, or government institution in Allen? Do you have large amounts of shredding you need to do regularly, at least on a quarterly basis? If you do, you might be throwing away lots of your own time and money doing your own shredding. Every time you watch your papers run through your shredder, think of yourself shredding green $20 bills. Believe it or not, if you do your own shredding, that’s what happens.

Allen Document Shredding


Worried about shredding your own paper in Arlington? This simple process actually could cause a number of problems: You have a lot of paper to shred. Do you really want to sit in front of the shredder for hours when you could be doing other fun things?

Arlington Document Shredding


Texas has some of the strictest information disposal laws in the nation. The only place where they may be tougher is on the East Coast.
What happens if you don’t follow them? Then you’re exposed to the risk of costly fines. In Texas, the Attorney General can charge you up to $500 per improperly disposed of record under The Texas Information Disposal Act (HB 698). How many records do you need to dispose of? Imagine how much that would cost you if each one was not disposed of properly according to law.

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How much paper and confidential information in Carrollton do you need to have disposed of? A few file folders? Dozens of recycling bins worth? Do you have other media like a hard disk, tape drive, or floppy disks with private information, like your taxes and social security numbers, that you need to be destroyed so you don’t have to worry about identity theft?

Document Shredding in Carrollton


Remember the Target identity theft story? It happened during the 2013-14 holiday season. Originally, they reported 40 million PIN numbers, customer names, credit and debit card numbers, and embedded codes from credit card magnetic strips were stolen. Later, it turned out 70 – 110 million was the real number.

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Say Goodbye to All Your Paper in Just Minutes with Our Fast, Secure, and Reliable Shredding Services in Denton. Imagine all the paper your business has…gone and shredded into bits and pieces in just minutes! Compare that to how you shred your paper now. You feed 10-15 pages into your shredder at a time. An employee just sits there, mindlessly placing the paper in like a robot. Then your shredder overheats. Your employee has to take a break. Then they start again. A little while later, it burns out and now your employee has to waste your company’s time finding a new one.

Denton Document Shredding


Completely Eliminate All Your Paper in Just Minutes with Secure, Fast, Reliable, and Clearly Priced Mobile Shredding Services for Duncanville Homeowners Like You. Uggh…you start to cringe. Your back and neck fill with tension. You have paper you need to shred. You don’t want to do it yourself because you have a lot and want it done right so those nasty identity thieves don’t steal your information and go on a shopping spree funded by you.

Get Document Shredding in Duncanville


Finally, A Mobile Shredding Service in Euless that Always Shows Up on or Ahead of Time, Never Plays Games with Your Invoices and Gives You Honest Service Have you ever been burned by a contractor, and possibly even a contracted shredding service?

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Farmers Branch

When the Dallas Cowboys Need Safe, Secure, and Reliable On-Site Document Shredding, they Call A Shred 2 Pieces. Remember when the Dallas Cowboys decided to move out of Texas Stadium and into the $1.3 billion AT&T Stadium?

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Flower Mound

The Cowboys (Yes, Those Cowboys), and FEMA Trust Us and Our Perfect A+ BBB Rating When They Need On-Site Document Shredding Done Right
What should you look for when you need to hire an on-site mobile shredding service in Flower Mound? First, you want to be careful with the big national companies. While they have recognizable names, they aren’t always able to deliver on their promise. That’s because they’re so big that it’s hard for them to coordinate all aspects of their service well.

Document Shredding in Flower Mound

Fort Worth

NEED QUALITY SHREDDING, FAST? CALL A SHRED 2 PIECES TODAY! SHRED IT AND FORGET IT! The document destruction professionals at A Shred 2 Pieces are your “go-to-guys” for your one-time or routine shredding needs. Whether you are a home-owner with a few boxes of sensitive records taking up valuable space or a business with a full-scale records retention program… A Shred 2 Pieces is here to help!

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Save Money And Time And Get Your Documents Shredded Without Any Hassle – On-Site Document Shredding in Frisco from A Shred 2 Pieces. Do either of these problems describe your situation:

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Need a mobile shredding service you can trust? How many of your current service vendors do you trust? As a decision maker at your organization, you have a ton of pressure on your shoulders. Make a good decision, and everyone respects you. You put yourself in a good position for promotions and additional responsibilities. And you don’t have to feel like you have to supervise your vendor to make sure they’re doing they’re the job.

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Grand Prairie

Have paper and other private media you need securely destroyed so it doesn’t fall into the hands of identity thieves? You could try to dispose of it yourself. But, will you do it in a secure way that guarantees identity thieves won’t get a hold of that information?

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Remember when the Cowboys moved from Texas Stadium in 2008 to what is now AT&T Stadium? They had a lot of information they needed to securely dispose of. You can imagine what they had:

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Remember a couple decades ago when they said computers would result in a paperless society? That seems like a joke, doesn’t it? However, a “paperless society” could be real sometime in the coming decades. You might be in the middle of transitioning to a paperless state right now. For now, you have a lot of shredding you need to be done. You might be converting everything to a digital format. Nearly every legitimate business has a “go paperless” option or a way of saving what you need to PDF format.

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Whether you’re a home or business, finding a new service vendor of any kind is a stressful process. If you’re a decision maker at your business, you have so much more at stake. You have at least a few other people who must like your decision. The service has to go well because if it doesn’t, you’re going to look bad. That would cost you a lot of respect and credibility at your job. And if things went really bad, you could even lose your job.

Lewisville Document Shredding


Need to find a mobile shredding service that serves McKinney? That’s easy.

What about finding a shredding service that shows up on-or-ahead-of-time, ready to do the job with the right equipment, and who you can trust to bill you exactly as quoted?

Document Shredding in McKinney


How much shredding do you need done in Mesquite? A lot? A little? Just a one-time purge? Hundreds of pounds on an ongoing basis?

That’s just your first problem. But, you have an even bigger problem than that.

Document Shredding for Mesquite


What’s the worst thing that could happen when you hire a new mobile shredding service?Well, a number of things actually. They could show up hours after they said they would. They might not even show up the same day. They could come with the wrong equipment and not be able to dispose of all the information you want. And then you might get an invoice with surprise charges like “travel fees,” “environmental fees,” and “fuel surcharges.”

Document Shredding in Plano


Have sensitive information you need to dispose of? You worry about it falling into the wrong hands. You dread doing the work because it’s going to take a lot of time. And will your shredder burn out from overuse? So, it makes sense to look for a mobile shredding service that comes straight to your home. But, that means you have to find one you can trust. Because a mobile shredder is a contracted service just like an HVAC repairman or plumber.

Richardson Document Shredding


You don’t want to be THAT company. You know, the one whose name gets smeared all over TV and local headlines because of stolen customer information. You can probably recall a couple big names from the past few years who have found themselves in just such a situation.  You’re worried about doing your own document destruction because you’re not sure if you’re following all the regulations correctly. You’re tired and overwhelmed with the scope and complexity of the project. And you’re not even sure how to improve. Securely destroying data is no simple process, which makes it easy to make costly, and even catastrophic, mistakes.

Waco Document Shredding