A Shred 2 Pieces and Shred-Tech: A 10-Year Journey

For more than a decade, the A Shred 2 Pieces operations department has put their trust in Canadian made Shred-Tech equipment.  The fleet primarily has consisted of MDS-2 Mobile Shred Trucks through the years. This compact yet powerful machine features state-of-the-art equipment, that allows its operator to work quickly and efficiently through bulk shredding jobs of any size.  In our experience, we have seen our MDS-2’s carry surprising payloads of up to 5 tons of paper!

The ST-15H and ST-35H shredders are featured in the MDS lineup.  These cast aluminum shredders have great strength without the weight of steel. Throughput capabilities on the ST-15H, featured in the AS2P fleet, can produce up to 7,000 pounds per hour. The system employs hub knives, high strength alloy shafts as well as two all-new patent pending innovations: cast-in cleaning fingers and a bridgeless vibrating feed hopper.  The knives produce a pierce and tear confetti strip, compliant with NAID regulations. This style of shredding is far more secure than strips produced by conventional office shredders.

Shred-Tech’s patented and proprietary Gripper Tipper® system is stock on all of our fleet systems. This allows our service techs to quickly and easily load material for destruction.  This ensures confidential information is completely protected from the elements, thus keeping it secure and enclosed at all times.

The Plus+1® micro-control system is state-of-the-art!  Its advanced intelligence is not only powerful enough to control and monitor the system, but it also features an automatic bin counter, a job timer, and an advanced diagnostics tool just to name a few of the features.  This extremely automated equipment helps keep our service techs on the move throughout their busy work schedules.

A big part of our process at A Shred 2 Pieces is recycling your documents to repurpose them into new paper products we all use every day!  To accomplish this task, our trucks are equipped with an angled compactor and extremely durable walking-floor unloading system. Even with a full payload of 5-tons, our service technicians can rapidly unload shredded material in a few moments.

Another environmentally sound part of our fleet is a predictive idle feature with remote start-up at the operator control panel, keeping emissions as low as possible.  The predictive idle system also senses small loads in the hopper. It will shut off the high-engine idle if the hopper is empty or unattended.

So, there you have it shred fans!  A brief overview of the equipment that our operations team uses each and every day to keep you and your valuable, confidential information safe from wrongdoers and identity thieves.  Shred-Tech has been the cornerstone of our operations team for more than a decade. Their sales, support, and service are second to none as well and we would recommend them to anyone in the shredding industry without hesitation.

For your Dallas paper shredding needs, Fort Worth paper shredding needs or now Waco paper shredding needs whether it be residential or commercial, call the document destruction professionals at A Shred 2 Pieces for your free quote today!  Dallas: (214) 347-4986 or Fort Worth: (817) 756-1560. Or visit us on the web at www.ashred2pieces.com.  E-mail us at info@ashred2pieces.com.  Shred It and Forget It!

Written by Matthew